Before You Begin: A Note for the Digital Showcase

Welcome to our collection of Writing for the Public Circulation Projects. An experiment in physically placing and inciting the circulation of information about issues local to the greater Pittsburgh area, the Circulation Project had three steps: 1) invent an artifact and method for circulating some sort of information about your local research issue on the ground in Pittsburgh; 2) implement your project; and 3) document and reflect upon your project’s implementation for our blog. A future, more formal version of the Circulation Project might ask students to invent a method for gauging public attention and response to their projects, but for now I simply wanted my students to think through a project of their own design that could take place in the spaces and among the audiences relevant to their local research issues.

Please respect the privacy of the rest of our class blog, including the student comments on these projects, by limiting your exploration only to this page and only to scrolling. When you have finished looking through the projects, please scroll back to the top of the page so that the next person can be greeted by this introduction. Many thanks—and enjoy!


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