Following our conversation in class today about action verbs, here are some useful resources that I dredged up in a couple Google searches (there are certainly a lot more out there):

A lot of the resources you’ll find on the web regarding action verbs have to do with improving your resumé writing. Resumés are outside the purview of this class, but I’m sure they’re still a big part of your life (or will be soon)—so while action verbs that are great for resumés aren’t necessarily equally as great for essay writing (because sometimes a resumé verb sounds like a resumé verb), you might find this Complete List of Action Verbs and the Purdue OWL’s Categorized List of Action Verbs useful.

In terms of resources that are more geared toward the objectives of your research narrative and revisions of your white paper, here is an overview of things to keep in mind for descriptive writing (including a note on what the author calls “strong verbs”). Yes, the author has chosen to use Comic Sans, the most detestable of all fonts, but I have chosen to link to it anyway. Pair this advice on descriptive writing with this incredible Vivid Verb List (yammer! yawp!), and your white papers and research narratives will be in for some fabulous makeovers.


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