Circulation Project Body Cams

Body Cameras

For my circulation project I wanted to circulate a material that can provide information about the topic of body cameras and police officers. When creating the material I wanted to make sure that it was short and to the point. Also it wasn’t too wordy so that people would be turned off by the sheer amount of words on the page. In thinking of a material that would fit the intent best, I figured that the combination of all the other projects we’ve done until this point in this class was the way to go. I handed out a flyer which was my infographic with minor changes including a hashtag that people can follow me on. It linked to my Twitter which had a link to the youtube page that had my video remix. In connecting everything  I could make sure that those interested by the flyer had a method of reaching more sources for more information on the topic.

I conducted my circulation aspect of the project at the Hillman Library especially the first floor. There were people busy with their work but when asked politely if they could help me with a project, they gladly came to my rescue. Most people took the time to read the material and some even offered me comments such as questioning the privacy of police officers who would be forced to wear cameras, revealing every aspect of their lives. I was also able to have a short conversation with a few of my friends who I ran into during my circulation and they were interested by the idea of police cameras especially with the recent events in New York and Missouri. Moreover, the flyers I handed out introduced the idea to them which exactly was the point of the circulation project.

After my time at Hillman, I went to Cathy to hand out the rest of my flyers. I handed out all my flyers and placed the remaining ones on the tables on the first floor of Cathy. People mostly were interested and polite about the issue. There were few cases when people refused because they were busy with other stuff but were absolutely courteous about it. The interesting part was that some people thought I was like a Christian missionary asking them if they were saved but when I gave my introduction and told them about the project they were much more willing to take time off their lives. The most awkward moment was when I was taking the picture for the project but nevertheless it was fun and I hope that it gave people something to read and hopefully something to learn about.

Overall I really liked this project because it allowed me to use all the materials that I’ve worked on since the beginning of the semester. I was able to use the infograph, twitter, youtube, videoremix and all the information I gathered from my research. I also really liked the amount of freedom I was given and from that I was able to link a lot of my research into a real life issue.

Body Cam1 Body Cam2 Body Cam3 Body Cam4 Body Cam5 Body Cam6


One thought on “Circulation Project Body Cams

  1. wjs25 April 1, 2015 / 11:50 am

    I think this is a really cool idea with lots of upsides and downsides. I would have really liked to be there to see peoples reactions to the information. I also really liked how you used your other projects from this class. I wish I would have done that. It seems like a really effective way to get all of your information across.


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