Circulation Project Billy Smith

I was pretty reluctant to start this project because it was something I had never done before. My original thought when I first read about this assignment was the people standing outside of the Cathedral I try to walk past as quickly as possible without making eye contact and getting sucked into a conversation. I tried to avoid this tactic as much as possible.

At first I wanted to create a PowerPoint presentation or have people watch a part of a movie, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to just have a discussion with my peers about the issue or potential issues of Hydraulic Fracturing. I decided to just prepare some information about he subject and have a guided discussion in a relaxed setting to spread knowledge about the subject.

I tried to generate awareness of this by putting fliers in the library offering the chance to win a free chipotle burrito to anyone who would attend my info session. I did not think anyone would give up their free time to come listen to a student talk to them about fracking, so I offered an incentive. I thought a burrito is something almost college student would want, and I wanted to attract the, in my eyes, prototypical college student. I did not ask to take pictures of the session. After some of the reactions I got after asking people to record their voice for the audio essay I was under the impression almost no one would want their picture taken for a project, and I did not want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position.

Circulation Project

Some of the challenges I face were getting people to show up to my even. I was not sure how many people would attend so I recruited some friends to be filler bodies. I also gave them a few questions they could ask me if the conversation started dying out. I was also nervous that someone would ask me a question that I would not be able to answer, making me look foolish in front of the group.

My main objective was to increase knowledge on the topic and increase the awareness about the lack of knowledge there is on the subject. I asked if anyone knew his or her representative’s stance regarding abortion. No one knew, but most offered a guess based on the Congressman’s party affiliation; they assumed a Republican would be pro-fracking and a Democrat would be against it. I wanted people to start paying attention to politicians’ stances on the issue, and I hoped to impress some need to start generating more interest about it as well.

I wanted to do something more than just pass out fliers. I wanted to actually gage what the popular opinion was among college students like myself was. The main thing I found out was that knowledge is low with the exception of a few outliers who happen to have majors pertaining to the subject.  Overall, I think my circulation project was successful.  I just wish I could have reached more people.  A flier might have done that, but there is no guarantee anyone would even read it.  By having people physically show up I knew that at least the people in my audience were listening.


2 thoughts on “Circulation Project Billy Smith

  1. latarabo April 1, 2015 / 11:02 am

    I really like the way you went about doing this project, as it was similar to the way I circulated mine, even with the challenges you faced. Some topics cannot be circulated by putting up signs or tracking peoples reactions. You did a great job with thinking ahead and adding fillers to the room incase of awkward pauses, and I still think that with a little more time and information on tracking in your flyer, you could definitely get more and more people to come to a talk about this issue.


  2. njbabyak April 3, 2015 / 11:03 am

    I think it was pretty clever to offer an incentive for participating in your meeting. I love burritos. I also really think it’s important that you are making an attempt to clarify how politicians lean when it comes to fracking. While I’m not exactly crazy about politicians, I do think it’s far that they are given a fair representation of their beliefs. Making the assumption that person automatically feels a certain way about something based off of their political party is unfair. On another note, I have done some research into fracking myself, and it’s amazing how much conflicting information you can find. It would be nice to figure out what’s what when it comes to this subject. I wish I would have come to this. Sorry I didn’t.


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