Circulation Project – Air Pollution

As I’m sure I’ve stated numerous times before in pretty much all of my assignments for this class, the aspect of my issue that has baffled me the most was the lack of public knowledge about air pollution in Pittsburgh. The circulation project was a perfect opportunity for me to tackle this problem. When I first began thinking about what I wanted to do for my circulation project I tried thinking outside of the box. I came up with a lot of interesting ideas, one of which being tying up balloons around the city with a message about air pollution. I soon realized that this clearly would not work, as the balloons would only serve to pollute the city more in the end. I finally decided that thinking more simply would probably be better. I eventually decided on just creating a flyer to hang up around town. My flyer is below:

Circulation Flyer Screenshot
My flyer briefly explained some of the health impacts of air pollution and some courses of action people can take to help the problem and to protect themselves from the harmful pollutants.

The purpose of this flyer is to very briefly educate the general public about some of the negative health effects of air pollution in Pittsburgh. I did not try to include every detail about my issue; but rather the details that would most catch the reader’s attention. Actually, one of the most difficult things was deciding what information to include and what to leave out. I had hoped to include more information about what people could do to help the problem, but my flyer was already looking too wordy. I chose instead to direct readers to the Breathe Project website because I believe that is a great place to begin to become well-versed in the issue.

When trying to figure out where to put my fliers, I decided that I wanted to place them in areas where people might actually pay attention to them. As someone who lives off campus and takes the bus to and from class every day, I spend a lot of time waiting at bus stops bored out of my mind. I figured this would be a perfect place to hang up flyers because people have nothing better to do than read them.

Flyer taped to a pole at a Pitt Shuttle Stop

I also tried to place them in areas that would attract people who care about health and air pollution. For this reason, the first places I chose to put my flyers were in front of the Whole Foods and Aldi grocery stores because the people who shop at these places tend to be health conscious and aware of environmental impacts.

Flyer placed in front of a Whole Foods Market

Since my circulation project was nothing but a flyer it was difficult to be able to tell how many people it actually reached and educated. All I could do was hope that people would wait at those bus stops and get bored enough to read what I had to say, and that the weather would permit the flyers to stay intact. I occasionally drove and walked around some of the areas where I had posted the flyers to check up on them, but only a few of them (those that I had placed inside those little glass covered bench areas at bus stops) endured the elements. I often saw people waiting at the bus stops where I had posted the flyers, but again, I have no way of knowing whether my flyers actually affected anyone.


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