Circulation Project Reflection and Documentation

To be completely honest, when I first heard about the circulation project I had no idea what I was going to do. I thought a lot about my topic of diversity within Pittsburgh and if it was possible to get an object to circulate around the city that would represent it. So, I decided that I was going to make a flier and pass it around. I decided that I was going to ask a question that made individuals think about the city of Pittsburgh, and not just write the words, “Did you know that Pittsburgh is not diverse?”IMG_5928I then had to think of a way to incorporate diversity into this question. So, I decided that I could take my info graphic and place it onto the flier with the percentages of the White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian population in Pittsburgh. I figured that this was something a little better to look at then just facts written onto a flier. Personally, just words written on a flier does not catch my eye and make me want to read it.

I was not certain how I wanted to catch a certain audience or how I was going to implement this project correctly, so I decided to meet with Noel. Within our meeting, I realized that my audience was the international students at the University of Pittsburgh. Within my papers that were previously written in the class, my solution was to find a way to have the international students stay here in Pittsburgh to create a more diverse population. So, since my target audience were students, what better place to put fliers than in the Cathedral of Learning!


First, I printed out a handful of my fliers in color, because I wanted the colors within my info graphic to stand out and grab peoples attention. I then put some fliers on the second floor on the tables as well as the benches that line the hallway.

IMG_5930    IMG_5929

Then, I went down to the first floor and placed more fliers onto random tables. Since this is the busiest part of the Cathedral, there are  always students sitting at the tables doing homework and/or studying. Because of this, the first floor was definitely my target place to circulate my information and project.


When documenting my project, I took pictures of some of the places that I put the fliers. I did see some people taking a look at my fliers, but I am not sure exactly how many people actually did. I think that there are a lot of fliers that get placed onto the tables in the Cathedral (there is actually one in the picture above in addition to mine), and a lot of them end up not being read and just thrown into the garbage. But, I have personally seen a lot of these fliers and not all of them capture your attention. This is why I wanted to add my info graphic into my flier as well as print it in color, because it catches you eye. The general question of, “Do you REALLY know Pittsburgh?” allows it to be open to any person, because everyone in this environment should have an idea about Pittsburgh. Bu after reading the question, you look at the info graphic which shows that Pittsburgh is mostly white. I never wrote anything on the flier about diversity, because I wanted to leave the interpretation of the flier up to the reader.


One thought on “Circulation Project Reflection and Documentation

  1. Rebecca Zhou April 4, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    This post caught my attention because I do like the design of your flyer: it’s super simple, but definitely gets the message across. I wish there was some type of hashtag or a similar thing so that you could tell who has been affected by it enough to mention it on social media. Not that social media matters, but it’s a good gauge of how much of an impact you’ve made, in my opinion. I guess that’s the downside of having a tangible project (vs. digital), not knowing who has seen it and what exact impression you’ve made. But it’s made quite a positive impression on me!


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