Circulation Assignment and Documentation

The circulation of my on going project dealing with Pennsylvania film tax credit could have gone in a number of different directions. Since the medium of my project is on a digital platform, or at least deals with a digital platform, I decided to keep suit with that. I created two flyers that dealt with my public issue. (See below)

film flyer 1film flyer 2

IMG_0117        IMG_0118



The flyers aren’t very elaborate, but they have something that sets them apart from all the other flyers. They have QR codes attached to them.


These are similar to barcodes, but instead of scanning them to make a purchase, they take you to a link of your choice. This gave limitless possibilities as to where the QR code could take the scanner. This also appeals to those who are constantly on their smartphones or tablets (EVERYONE IN COLLEGE). This strategy is a very effective marketing technique and is essentially effortless for the user. While I was hanging my flyers I didn’t see       any others that used this strategy, so I think that in itself was a win.


I decided that I would make one QR code lead to my Twitter page, LeDoppelganger1, and the other would go to an informative video on YouTube. I didn’t use my video remix, but I used a video that I used in my remix. I thought this video was the perfect balance between playful graphics and informative language, where as my video remix is the pulse rather than heartbeat of the issue. With these two resources in mind I set out to make my flyers. I decided to put expensive camera equipment on the flyers, because as an equipment nerd myself I know it will attract the kind of people that I want to follow this issue. I kept them as simple as I could, but even with as simple as they were I think they stood out in a weird way.

I printed out about eighty flyers, forty of each, and began to distribute them around campus. I got in trouble by a maintenance crew for trying to tape them to walls within the cathedral, so I decided that I was going to hang them on the quark boards around campus. It was nice to see that people still use this technique as a way to get their message out.


I ran out of space and began to put them at study tables within the library and Posvar. I also placed some in classrooms over the weekend, so some student will have a nice little surprise at their desks and on their chairs. I also discovered that my flyers lasted the longest in Posvar, whereas on the street they got covered up by a swarm of other flyers.


Tracking the progress of my flyers and QR codes was the hardest challenge I encountered with this assignment. I wasn’t able to add a website hit counter to my QR codes, so I have been relying heavily on my twitter page to track how many people have visited and interacted with it. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have something to show for it.



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