Circulation Project Reflection and Notes

To begin my circulation project, I had to think of a way to unobtrusively promote action about my public issue of air pollution. I felt as though standing outside and handing fliers to strangers creates a level of annoyance. Most people don’t want someone else to shove something in their hands and being told to read it. Most people throw away such fliers, and I know I’m guilty of this when someone confronts me with a piece of paper. In order to prevent my message from being thrown away, I thought of placing my flier around different locations on Pitt’s campus.

I didn’t want to post any in the Cathedral of Learning. I have found that a lot of fliers currently there get taken down quickly, or no one pays attention to them. I feel as though the messages they carry get lost in the labyrinth of the building. Instead, I went out to places where people might pay more attention. For example, I posted some in locations that may not be so overlooked by passersby. I thought that a gym made a good spot to bring up the issue of air pollution. People who are more concerned with their health might consider what the effects of air pollution are on their body, and providing them with tips to save money might promote them to enact change.

Another location where I chose to display my fliers resided on some poles which are placed inside Bouquet Gardens. These poles are used for fliers just like mine. I thought of placing my fliers here because I pass by them every day on my walk to class. Normally they’re adorned with concert promotions or other events happening around campus. The addition of some information regarding tips to save money while cutting down on air pollution seemed like a good spot to me.

My main focus for this project was to provide tips that everyone can use to save money, while simultaneously reducing air pollution. The topic of air pollution is a tough issue to tackle on a flier. Providing different tips allows people to interact with the issue rather than just reading some facts about air pollution. Through the use of color and a short list, I wanted to make an eye catching, yet short flier people would see as they walk by. If people felt so inclined, I provided a link to website which has a plethora of information regarding air pollution and other ways of reducing emissions.

The biggest challenge I faced while creating this project was measuring the effectiveness of my message. People would either read the flier, use the tips, or they would read it and not use the tips. There’s really no way to know if someone went out to buy more efficient light bulbs, or if they switched their energy provider. Either way, my main hope was to get the message out there.

Circulation Flier

Circulation Notes


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