Circulation Project and Reflection

For my circulation project, I decided to go with something simple in order to catch people’s attention long enough to get a simple message across. I made five “stickers” in all. They were made out of colored paper and I stuck them with tape onto surfaces. I knew they wouldn’t last forever and I anticipated that they would be torn down and thrown out not long after they were put up.


The main goal for this project was just creating simple awareness. This project was a tough one to envision. I wanted to do something a little different since I feel people are already constantly bombarded with propaganda to “go green.” So I used simple messages, little facts or encouragements (with info from to urge people to contribute to helping the environment in small ways, like turning off a dripping faucet or shutting out lights in an empty room. The audience was really anyone that would see them. Putting little facts or phrases into people’s heads with a quick glance has the potential to make people think differently: those tidbits can always resurface in their minds and influence their decisions and actions when it comes to energy consumption.


I put the “stickers” where I could, but it was hard to figure out where I could go and then be able to return to later. I literally walked into random buildingsd downtown and put the “stickers” in random bathrooms that I had access to. In the building where I have my internship (Cardello) I put some “stickers” adn those remained in place for about a week before they were gone. I figured that in most, if not all, cases that maintenance crews of the buildings took them down and threw them away. In my dorm, I tried placing them in the communal bathroom (just out of curiousity) and, to my surprise, they lasted the longest. I figured people either actually cared and left them up, ignored them, or were just too lazy to take them down. A challenge I ran into with the “stickers” themselves was when they would get wet from being in a bathroom. I made sure to move the water-related ones farther away from the faucets early on in the project development.

I feel like this wasn’t the best idea for this circulation project, but I was limited by my ability to go back and forth to the sites where I put the “stickers” as well as coming up with a new idea to promote environmental sustainability. So many things have already been done to promote it and encourage people to act that it was hard to come up with something original that people would pay attention to. I’m still hopeful that I made an impact on at least one person, showing how little efforts can really add up for a greater good.


2 thoughts on “Circulation Project and Reflection

  1. zic89 March 31, 2015 / 1:20 pm

    Very cool idea, I liked the simplistic of the idea behind the stickers. I also like that you used “encouraging facts” rather than the propaganda approach, I feel like people probably respond better to that. I especially like the sticker that you put up in the faucet, I think that its probably the most accessible.


  2. Rebecca Zhou April 4, 2015 / 7:21 pm

    I can’t believe you would think that this wasn’t one of the best ideas for circulation projects because I found that this was such a positive project! Yes, it is a small project, and you did go into it thinking that the stickers would be taken down nearly immediately, but I still find that your small stickers were promoting green living in an encouraging, creative way! I’m not surprised at all that they lasted more than just a day because I wouldn’t know why someone would want to take down cute and informative stickers. Too bad you couldn’t be there in person to see how people actually reacted to them in real life.


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