“I Am Not Moving” Final Draft

To really get a sense of just how twisted the “I Am Not Moving” Occupy Wall Street video remix is, I had to describe a personal account in which I saw the most extreme form of protest with no police intervention. Comparing this incident with the “I Am Not Moving” remix might give you a new outlook on those who “protect and serve” our country.

nypd riot police line up

I stood amongst a group of Americans in front of the Goldhawk tube station. I had just arrived in London two days earlier and was eager, ready, and willing to explore all areas of the city, but the day had a different agenda. Off in the distance I saw an army of protestors. I could hear a number of chants and saw they were carrying a number of signs. As they got closer it was clear this was no peaceful protest, it was a group of Muslim extremists walking through the streets. They flew signs proudly, and with conviction that read, “British police go to hell.”

The second I read that sign I immediately felt uncomfortable to be sharing the same strip of pavement. I was also expecting the police to get involved, but they didn’t. They stood there and watched as a number of extremists taunted them. No reaction. Nothing. Someone in my group asked another onlooker if they should be arrested. The onlooker explained that this happens often and the police know better than to let their emotions get the best of them and retaliate. I thought to myself that this was an amazing display of self-control. A quality I wish more officers in the United States possessed.

Throughout my life there have been two things I have always had strong opinions on. Police officers, due to personal experience, and standing up for myself in the face of authority. The past couple years have proved to be tricky since I have had to intermingle the two and stand up for myself against police officers to protect my rights. Too often I have been challenged by an officer on the law, only to know it better than him.Officers know their uniform is pretty much intimidating to everyone, so they use this to their advantage.

In America, protest like the one I witnessed in London would land you in jail and for good reason. However, it doesn’t take an extreme protest like this to get an officers blood boiling. You could be doing something as simple as standing in their way during a peaceful protest. They would strike you down where you stand in the hope you’ll fight back so they have grounds to hurt you again and then charge you for it. States employ too many hotheaded officers looking to protect their egos rather than keep the peace.

nypd riot

An image we see all too often. Police suited up in their riot best, ready and willing to beat a defiant, and many a time unarmed civilian to show their authority. To some police officers, throwing citizens to the ground, pepper spraying college students, and deterring protests are an express ticket to respect. Some really think that is what being a cop is all about. They see themselves as the ultimate patriot.

Doesn’t look so patriotic now, does it?
police brutality





“Dedicated to the people. Shot by the people. For the people.”

The “I Am Not Moving” remix really exposes the hypocritical nature of our country. The short film takes a direct, voice-silencing (pun intended) approach to exploring the hypocrisy of United States politics. On one hand we have political figures that are in positions of extreme power including Hillary Clinton, who speaks from the Secretary of State position, and our very own commander-in-chief Barack Obama. While on the other hand we have a bunch of footage from the Occupy Wall Street protest that shows the oppression and brutality our police forces bring upon protesters.

The first video shows Hillary speaking on the issue of how Middle Eastern countries are oppressive to their people. She says that leaders need to “view civil society as a partner, not a threat.” The next clip shows police brutality against an Occupy Wall Street protester. The police are treating all protesters as a threat when it is clear they just want to be heard.

The lies and hypocritical speeches begin to pick up. Obama describes how the Libyan government has begun “a campaign of intimidation.” This quickly cuts away to a video showing the NYPD riot police suited and lined up ready to take down anyone in there path. It shows how intimidating the police can look. Not only are they intimidating in how they look, but their numbers are grown.

The-Evolution-Of-Riot-Gear Evolution of Police Riot Gear.

Now State police forces, most notably New York’s, have grown to insane numbers. At this point one could refer to it as an army, and with 34,000 officers and growing one could see why.

The video goes on using this technique of finding a clip or statement given by Hillary or Obama to then cut away quickly showing the police brutality and oppression going on in OUR country, This video gave me a new outlook on how the words of politicians are just that. They are words. They truly don’t mean what they say. They say what sounds good. Is that all anyone cares about?



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