Workshop Schedule

As promised, a digital copy of the workshop sign-up sheet I passed around on Wednesday.

Workshoppees: It is your responsibility to send your workshop piece to the entire class and me by 5pm the day before your workshop. You can access all of our emails in one go by going to the Class Emails tab on our CourseWeb page and selecting the first option, “All Users.” This should probably go without saying, but please bring one copy of your workshop piece to class for yourself.

Workshoppers: Bring hard or electronic copies of the workshoppees’ pieces to workshop. You should have either prepared notes or marginalia in preparation for discussion. You are not required to give any written feedback to the workshoppee at the end of class, but if you feel moved to do so, that would be great—and probably greatly appreciated. Please be mindful of delivering the types of comments and attention you would hope to receive on your own work.

For revision workshops, marked with asterisks, workshoppees should submit both a rough draft and a revision in progress. For the TBD workshop, Nate & Dave may each submit a rough draft + revision in progress of any project that we have completed to date.

Workshops are meant to be flexible and help you where you need it most. Please email me in advance if you’d really like to workshop a different project than the one you’re signed up for, and I will happily allow that.

Friday, 1/30 : White paper rough draft : Dan & Rebecca

Friday, 2/6 : Infographic rough draft : Sarah, Lara & Erin

Friday, 2/20 : Research narrative rough draft : Paulina & Paul Stangl

Wednesday, 3/4 : Video remix rough draft : Bria & Zia

*Friday, 3/27 : Revision (TBD) : Nathan & Dave

Wednesday, 4/1 : Audio essay rough draft : Jia Yin & Zach

*Wednesday, 4/8 : White paper revision : Billy & Hollin

*Friday, 4/10 : Research narrative revision : LeighAnne & Taylor

Monday, 4/13 : Digital essay remediation / final website rough draft : Jeremy & Christina

Wednesday, 4/15 : Digital essay remediation / final website rough draft : Paul Bae & Kim


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